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Did you know that using a hair dryer can cause damage to your hair?

Introducing Bloomify™ Rapid Drying Hair Towel, the towel that will dry your hair in less than 5 minutes, instead of waiting 15 minutes with a hair dryer.

DRY YOUR HAIR FASTER – Our microfiber hair towel is made from a revolutionary material that is extremely soft to the touch, super absorbent and fast drying. The advanced fabric absorbs more than 10 times its weight in water. This means that it’ll work faster and more efficiently to dry you off, and it’ll stay fresh longer because it dries out quickly

✅ SOFT & ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT – Although it feels thick and fluffy and is able to soak up loads of water, this towel is extremely lightweight when compared to other options. you can carry these hair drying towels everywhere you go. Perfect for the gym, traveling, beach excursions, sports, Yoga, camping, outdoors, home, hotels, pool parties and professional hair salon use! You’ll like how it works, but you’ll love how it feels

✅ LONG LASTING – The amazing material makes this hair towel work great, but it is also highly durable. The edges of the hair towel are bound with soft gray material which greatly increases the life of the hair towel. Use it day after day, and wash it hundreds of times without it wearing out or losing any ability. It will work and look like new for years to come

✅ WORKS FOR ALL TYPES OF HAIR – Bloomify™ 60cmx20cm Ultra Plush Microfiber Hair Towel is among the highest quality hair drying towels on the market. Being generous in size, this microfiber hair towel turbans will never let you down. Ideal for women, men and kids. Great for all types of hair. From long, short, curly, flat, voluminous or dyed to super straight, fine strands, coarse and kinky locks. No matter your look, we’ve got you covered

✅ EASY TO USE – The unique twist and loop system makes the hair towel wrap that stays in place. It means that you can get dressed, apply makeup, and check email, all while drying hair without discomfort or head towel wrap falling off

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